The Team

At M&M Entertainment, we’re passionate about growing great talent and it shows in all of the work we do. We have come together to utilize our specialties in our field- Art and Performance, Concierge-style Guest Accommodations, Bartending, Stage/Set Design and much more!

Mynisha Crenshaw

Co-Owner, CEO of Event Groupie, LLC.

As our Co-Owner and Director of Front of House, Mynisha is one of those BORN with an eye for design, couture, and fashion. She brings years of knowledge of front-end business and customer satisfaction. She has run the gamut of events; her work in the community has already put her past many of her competitors in style and taste, and shows for itself the level that M&M presents. With a background in the service industry, Mynisha continues to show everyone exactly WHY she's the best at what she does, every time. 


Michael White

Co-Owner, CEO of Island Flavah Entertainment, LLC.

A Veteran to performing, and theatre, as now as Co-Owner and Director of Back of House, Michael comes to the business with Art and Performance with over 20 years of experience. Having done competitions, pageants, Drag, and opened for several celebrities, Michael understands the necessity for diversity in entertainment and has brought that to every show, thus creating a niche market for his type of vision. Some have commented that his shows "immerse the guest in a world of fun, and evoke a spirit of comradery not often seen."


Marketing Team

Isaiah Varela

Marketing Co-Coordinator, Show Co-Host

Isaiah comes to us born and raised in New York City. He started performing in the Drag industry at 17 years old. Since then he has learned to market and advertise his Drag persona Alyson Wonderland.

Isaiah also has 9 years of experience in the industry, and he's been able to use that knowledge as a tool to help other brands and business build themselves into a well know staple in their community.

He has shown amazing marketing acumen, and continues to provide a lot of help, both on and off stage to all staff and guest performers alike. 

isaiah pic_edited.png

Seth Collins

Marketing Co-Coordinator

Seth entered the marketing and advertising industry when he was just 20 years old in writing jingles for an AM radio station in my small home town of Frostproof FL. Now with 10 years of experience, Seth brings my passion for meeting new people and wanting diversity and inclusion. These have been the two most important qualities that have brought him this far in the industry.  This has allowed him to help businesses become a pillar and well known staple of their community.

Seth Pic_edited_edited.png

Front of House Team

Kristen White

Ticketing and Sales Manager

Kristen comes to our company with years of experience running front of house for artist performances, fundraisers, and multiple previous drag shows. One of our true go getters, Kristen is always going out of her way to make sure our guests are comfortable and that they're brought into the venue in a timely and orderly fashion. Next time you see her, say hi!